About Us

The History of The Federation of Bank of India Officer’s Associations is interwoven with the history of supervisory cadre movement and, more particularly, the Bank officers’ movement of our country. Way back in December, 1963 a few brave officers assembled at dusk at Sardar Baug, Ahmedabad, under the leadership of Shri V.M. Devi, an officer of our Bank. They decided to from an Officers’ Association to fight against abject exploitation of, and tyranny against, the Bank officers. There was no looking back, thereafter. Thus started the march not only in our Bank but also in other Banks and organizations. Today, we have an organistion which proudly claims to be an integral part of the working class movement. In fact, no movement in Banking Industry will be total without the active participation of our Federation and our parent body AIBOC.

Welcome to Our Federation

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